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Limited Edition display case for LEGO Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr set now available
Limited Edition display case for LEGO Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr set now available

Vario display stand for LEGO® Vehicles (X-Large/Angled)

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SKU LDS641.1.2
The ideal solution for all of your LEGO® sets and custom creations!

Create your very own display solution for LEGO® with our new Vario stands. Simply pick the top connection to suit your chosen LEGO® set!

Our Medium display stand measures 11cm wide and 22cm high, allowing you to place your chosen model in a high flying position.

Special Features:

  • The large high gloss black acrylic base features our trademark octagonal design and vector line border.
  • The crystal clear angled display stem contains a subtle design and tilts your vehicle, ensuring your LEGO® set is the main attraction.
  • Choose from a range of straight and dynamic top plates to angle the LEGO® set in a position of your choice
  • Each top plate size relates to the distance between each stud using LEGO®'s own measurements. (e.g. 4 x 4 is equal to 4 studs apart).
  • Each top plate contains embedded studs to ensure a secure connection to the set from your stand.
  • Dynamic top plates contain crosshair connections, allowing you to re-position the stem placement for the best display of your LEGO® set.

Premium Materials:

  • 5mm black gloss Acrylic base plate.
  • 5mm crystal clear Acrylic stem to support and angle the set.

Display Stand Dimensions: Width: 11cm Depth: 11cm Height: 22cm

Pieces: 3

Material: Acrylic

Age: 12+


It is the customers responsibility to ensure they purchase the correct Vario display stand combination to fit their LEGO® set. Wicked Brick® will not be held accountable for incorrect stands purchased. If you have any queries or concerns regarding these stands, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is the LEGO set included?

They are not included. Those are sold separately.

Will I need to build it?

Our products come in kit form and easily click together. For some, you may need to tighten a few screws, but that’s about it. And in return, you’ll get a sturdy and secure display stand.

When will it be delivered?

We make every display case by hand. And ship them to every corner of the globe. Delivery times change depending on our workload. Please check the delivery page. It will tell you how quickly we’ll get your item from our factory to your front door.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matthew Huff
A wonderful general-use stand

This was the first Wicked Brick stand I bought, since I had heard of them and decided to give the stands a shot. When it arrived, it worked wonderfully well, and has continued to hold Poe's X-Wing proudly for the following two years without the set sliding off or the stand failing at all. It convinced me to come back for more time and time again.


The stand is beautiful and my Atreides Ornithopter looks great on it! The only problem is that the mounting bracket doesn't grip the top of the stand well enough to securely hold the model out of the box. I was able to fix it by thickening the pegs on the stand with tape, but it doesn't look amazing. I'm sure cutting these pieces to fit securely is difficult, but perhaps a different bracket design with a locking mechanism would help. I'm still very happy with my purchase.