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Display Vase for LEGO® Flowers - Black

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SKU LDS432.1.1
Product Description

Display and arrange your LEGO® flower collection with our range of display vases. With capacity for up to 12 stems, our vase allows you to display part of a LEGO® Flower Bouquet or mix and match sets from the LEGO® Botanical collection. Individual slots inside the vase allow you to position your flowers however you like to create the perfect display.

Product Features

- Choose from 6 styles and 2 colour options to compliment your perfect bouquet.
- Capacity for 12 flower stems.
- Individual slots allow you to position your flowers in any way you like.
- All elements of the vase are constructed from premium 3mm Acrylic.
- Top and base pieces held in place by magnets to ensure a strong and secure build.

Product Specifications

- 5mm crystal clear Acrylic side panels.
- 5mm clear or gloss black Acrylic base and top piece.

Product Dimensions

Width 9.5cm x Depth 9.5cm x Height 13.5cm

Delivery Timescales

Our products are bespoke & made to order.
We aim to manufacture & dispatch all of our products within 6 weeks of ordering.

Compatible Lego Set Numbers:

This Display Vase  is compatible with LEGO Set Numbers:

10313 | 10328 | 10280 | 40524
40747 | 40725 | 40460 | 40647

Please Note: Lego sets not included

Assembly instructions:

  1. Remove protective film from all pieces
  2. Place part 2 on top of part 1 ensuring they are aligned to complete the base.
  3. Place five part 6 side pieces into the slots in the base.
  4. Insert part 5 into the slots in the 5 side pieces.
  5. Place the last three part 6 side pieces.
  6. Slot part 3 on top of the side pieces 
  7. Place part 4 on top of part 3

Read our printed instructions here.

You can find an instructional video on how to assemble one of our Display Vases here.