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Limited Edition display case for the LEGO Batman: Batman with the Batmobile vs. Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze set now available
Limited Edition display case for the LEGO Batman: Batman with the Batmobile vs. Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze set now available

Display stand for LEGO® Star Wars™ The Bad Batch™ Attack Shuttle (75314)

Original price $28.00 - Original price $31.00
Original price
$28.00 - $31.00
Current price $28.00
SKU LDS326.1.1

Showcase the LEGO® Star Wars™ Bad Batch™ Attack Shuttle in flight mode with our custom display stand.

Display the LEGO® Star Wars™ The Bad Batch™ Attack Shuttle and its crew with our bespoke display stand.

Special Features:

  • Display your Shuttle in flight atop our crystal clear stem which has been designed to give a stable and secure hold.
  • Our stem clicks directly into a 5mm thick black high gloss base which houses a slot for the included themed plaque that displays the set number and piece count.
  • Integrated base containing embedded studs to secure and display minifigures alongside the ship.

Premium Materials:

  • 5mm black gloss Acrylic base plate.
  • 5mm crystal clear Acrylic stem to support and angle the set.
  • 3mm Acrylic plaque etched with details of the build.


Dimensions (stand only): Width: 28.3cm, Depth: 13.9cm, Height: 15.6cm

Dimensions (with collectible): Width: 236cm, Depth: 26cm, Height: 30cm

Dimensions (speeder stand): Width: 11cm, Depth: 11cm, Height: 5cm

Dimensions (speeder stand with collectible): Width: 11cm, Depth: 21cm, Height: 7cm

Compatible LEGO® Set: 75314

Pieces: Varied

  • Base for the ship stand
  • Minifigure/ Plaque stand
  • Optional speeder stand

Age: 8+

Is the LEGO set/collectible included?

They are not included. Those are sold separately. If you haven't got your LEGO® set yet, you can purchase it directly through the LEGO® online shop here.

Will I need to build it?

Our products come in kit form and easily click together. For some, you may need to tighten a few screws, but that’s about it. And in return, you’ll get a sturdy and secure display stand.

When will it be delivered?

We make every display case by hand. And ship them to every corner of the globe. Delivery times change depending on our workload. Please check the delivery page. It will tell you how quickly we’ll get your item from our factory to your front door.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The best product to showcase this shuttle !

The quality of realisation of the display is very high !
What a nice render of the association of black base and translucant support.

The minifigs add on is the cherry on the cake !

Eric Callicutt
Bad Batch Glory

The set up of this stand with the minifig add ons is great, I am glad I did not get the extended add on for the speeders however, as the space I have would have been crowded. The wing positions are great and there are several positions possible without contact with the figs.

Matthew Huff
A good stand for a solid ship.

The stand accommodates the shuttle nicely and allows a few different wing angles before they start touching the ground. Initially the mounting was a little weird to figure out, but no major issue.


Very difficult to get sticker layer off, especially on piece that connects to ship. I was under the impression it came with 6 places for figs but there is only 4 (could’ve been my mistake).