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Wall Mounted Display for LEGO® Brickheadz Spice Girls Tribute (40548)

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Proudly display your LEGO® Brickheadz Spice Girls Tribute on our space saving wall mounts that are made to order here at Wicked Brick®. All of our products come in kit form and simply slot together in seconds.


  • All parts are made from premium brand acrylic.
  • These come as a pack of five wall mount display stands.
  • Our wall mounted display stands features a 3mm clear baseplate with embedded studs to keep your Brickheadz secure and in place, as well as a cut out section for the included unique information plaque, featuring etched icons and details from the LEGO® Brickheadz set.
  • This wall mount display includes our exclusive background designs and is connected using a single metal cube and two screws.
  • Each wall mount display comes with a complimentary command strip to quickly and easily attach your display to the wall.

Material: Acrylic
Dimensions (individually): Length: 8cm Depth: 8.8cm Height: 14.4cm
Age: 8+
PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® sets are not included with any purchases.

Proudly display your LEGO® Brickheadz set on wall mounted display stand, that's handmade to order here at Wicked Brick®. All of our products come in kit form and simply slot together.

Customer Reviews

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The product took almost 2 months to arrive, I completely appreciate its bespoke, but it's nothing too complex and arrives in pieces. Anyway, I was thrilled when it arrived, which was soon squashed when the design itself was missing from the kit. I have since called and was advised they are stickers I attach to the plastic which they must have forgotten to put in. I get mistakes happen, but the overall experience has been shocking, and I really wouldn't want to use you again, I've lost faith in your company. The product itself, as I said, looks quite simple. The name plates are indecipherable, and I probably would spend more money next time on a higher spec product. I await the stickers.