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An update on deliveries this Festive Season... Read More
An update on deliveries this Festive Season... Read More

Large Display Vase for LEGO® Flowers

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$29.00 - $31.00
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SKU LDS498.1.1

Display and arrange your LEGO® flower collection with our large bespoke display vase. With capacity for up to 24 stems, our large vase allows you to display a full LEGO® Flower Bouquet or mix and match sets from the LEGO® Botanical collection. Individual slots inside the vase allow you to position your flowers however you like to create the perfect display.

This vase is compatible with LEGO® Flower Bouquet (10280), LEGO® Wildflower Bouquet (10313), or a mixture of LEGO® Daffodils(40646), LEGO® Roses (40460), LEGO® Sunflowers (40524) and LEGO® Tulips (40461).

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Dimensions: Width: 12cm, Depth: 12cm, Height 18cm.

This vase is compatible with:

  • LEGO® Flower Bouquet (10280)
  • LEGO® Wildflower Bouquet (10313)
  • LEGO® Daffodils (40646)
  • LEGO® Roses (40460)
  • LEGO® Sunflowers (40524)
  • LEGO® Tulips (40461)
  • LEGO® Lotus Flowers (40647)

Assembly instructions:

  1. Remove protective film from all pieces.
  2. Place part 2 on top of part 1 ensuring they are aligned to complete the base.
  3. Place five part 6 side pieces into the slots in the base.
  4. Insert part 5 into the slots in the 5 side pieces.
  5. Place the last three part 6 side pieces.
  6. Slot part 3 on top of the side pieces.
  7. Place part 4 on top of part 3.

Read our printed instructions here.

You can find an instructional video on how to assemble one of our Display Vases here.


Is the LEGO® set included? 

They are not included. Those are sold separately. If you haven't got your LEGO® set yet, you can purchase it directly through the LEGO® online shop here.

When will it be delivered? 

We make every display case by hand. And ship them to every corner of the globe. Delivery times change depending on our workload. Please check the delivery page. It will tell you how quickly we’ll get your item from our factory to your front door.

Display your LEGO® flower collection or Botanical collection bouquet in our large, bespoke display vase.

Create your perfect LEGO® flower arrangement with our custom display vase.

Special features

  • Display and arrange your bouquet or LEGO® flower collection in our large display vase.
  • Mix and match your LEGO® flower sets to create your dream bouquet.
  • Choose from 4 styles and 2 colour options to create your perfect vase.
  • Our large vase has capacity for 24 flower stems.
  • Individual slots allow you to position your flowers in any way you like.
  • All elements of the vase are constructed from premium 3mm Perspex® acrylic.
  • 6mm (2x 3mm) Perspex® top and base pieces held in place by magnets to ensure a strong and secure build.

Premium materials

  • 5mm crystal clear Perspex® acrylic side panels.
  • 5mm clear or gloss black Perspex® acrylic base and top piece.
New designs added!

New designs added!

Explore our latest Vase designs which introduce new elements to the range. Add some bubbly spheres to your side panels with our Style 5 design or bring a twist to your display with our Helix inspired Style 6 design. 

Both new designs are available in multiple colours and sizes.

Smaller vase also available.

Smaller vase also available.

Looking for a smaller display option? Our standard display vase offers the same design and colour options, with a smaller capacity for 12 stems, perfect for mixing your individual LEGO® flowers sets.

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