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Limited Edition display case for the LEGO Batman: Batman with the Batmobile vs. Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze set now available
Limited Edition display case for the LEGO Batman: Batman with the Batmobile vs. Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze set now available

Display case for LEGO® Icons: Lord of the Rings Rivendell™ (10316)

Original price $225.00 - Original price $252.00
Original price
$225.00 - $252.00
Current price $252.00
SKU LDS10.1.7

Our display case for the stunning LEGO® Lord of the Rings Rivendell™ set has been designed specifically for the set and is crafted from premium Acrylic. Our display cases are built to keep your build dust free and protected and are easily assembled using our signature screws and cubes fittings. Embedded studs securely hold this large set in place in an optimal layout. Additional studs hold your Minifigures in place in front of your build. Our acrylic plaque adds a finishing touch to your display showcasing the set number and piece count. The plaque for this set also features a Lord of the Rings inspired design. Take your display to the next level with our in-house designed background which is inspired by the Lord of the Rings films.

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Measurements: Width: 80cm, Depth: 47cm, Height: 41.3cm

Compatible LEGO® Set: 10316

Age requirement: 8+


Our products come in kit form and easily click together. For some, you may need to tighten a few screws, but that’s about it. And in return, you’ll get a sturdy and secure display.

You can find an instructional video showing how to assemble one of our display cases here.


Is the LEGO® Rivendell set included? 

It is not included, the set is sold separately. If you haven't got your LEGO® Rivendell set yet, you can purchase it directly through the LEGO® online shop here.

Showcase, protect, and enhance your LEGO® Rivendell with our bespoke display case.

Proudly display your Lord of the Rings LEGO® set in front of our custom background design, inspired by the mystical elvish town.

Special Features

  • Shield your LEGO® Rivendell set against being knocked and damaged for peace of mind.
  • Simply lift the clear case up from the base for easy access and secure it back in the grooves once you're done for ultimate protection.
  • Save yourself the hassle of dusting as our case keeps your set 100% dust free.
  • Two tiered (5mm + 5mm) black high-gloss display base and add-on connected by magnets containing embedded studs secure the set in place.
  • Display your LOTR Minifigures alongside the set and hold them in place using our embedded studs.
  • Embedded studs to secure the set in place, to ensure it doesn't move.
  • The base also features a clear informational plaque displaying the set number and piece count.

Premium Materials

  • 3mm crystal clear Acrylic display case, assembled with our uniquely designed screws and connector cubes, allowing you to easily secure the case together.
  • 5mm black gloss Acrylic base plate topped by a 5mm black gloss Acrylic add-on, secured in place with high strength magnets.
  • 3mm clear Acrylic plaque etched with details of the build.
A note from our background artist

A note from our background artist

“Rivendell is such an iconic setting I wanted to ensure the background captured the serenity, magic and mysticism associated with the Elven town. I created a complimentary backdrop to the set so it all felt seamless with the LEGO® itself."

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ankur Sansanwal
Insane transformation of the set

You have to see this in real life to appreciate the impact of the case. It elevates the whole set and gives a meuseum master piece feel to it. I love it.

Marko Thuma
Looks nice with the background

Very good display case, worth the wait. Just a bit sad I didn't find the site when the limited edition of this display case came out

Brian Crowder
Great case! Just missing hardware.

The case is fantastic. However, it came in an order of 3 cases. The other two cases were still boxed and had hardware, but for whatever reason, the Rivendell set was unboxed during shipping and I had no hardware. I had to cannibalize the hardware from the other two sets to put it together.