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Display case for LEGO Marvel: Daily Bugle (76178)

SKU LDS319.1.7 - #G1#G1#G1

Extra! Extra! Read all about our new display case here...

This amazing LEGO® Marvel set certainly has the KAPOW factor!... And an awesome brick diorama like this definitely needs to be displayed in a case that's equally show-stopping, to do it justice!

This large custom-designed case is incredibly durable and is capable of keeping your set dust free, while also reducing your shelf footprint.

You can choose our Premium display, which encloses your Daily Bugle replica in an exceptional quality acrylic case, enhanced with an exclusive background design. This particular backdrop evokes the look and feel of a retro comic book cover. with a real pop of colour and loads of details - creating the perfect freeze-frame action shot for your display.

Or you can choose our Classic display - which is the same precision-cut acrylic case as above, but with no background (just crystal-clear panels for easy viewing).

Our display cases are designed for seamless construction, while also offering added security by using premium durable materials and high-quality craftsmanship.

Classic Display Case:

  • Our display case is made from the premium brand Perspex acrylic.
  • Our in-house production team, laser cut each of our display cases with our signature vector frame detailing.
  • This product is fortified with a two tiered 8mm base, composed of a 3mm add-on and a 5mm base plate which are both secured in place with custom-made magnets.
  • The base plate has a custom cut-out to sit your set into, as well as your plaque.
  • This case is embedded with 2 double-studded official LEGO® studs to securely accommodate the Daily Bugle set.
  • Our buildable display case is secured together using screws and connector cubes.

Premium Display Case (with printed background):

Allow your LEGO® Marvel Daily Bugle set to become an instant action movie freeze-frame with our bespoke background print enhancing and complementing the model itself. Printed in the highest quality vinyl, this vivid background has been designed to add a real WOW factor to any collector's display - and make supervillains quake in their boots at its magnificence!

All products come in kit form and are easily assembled, simply slide the pieces in place!

Material: Acrylic

Pieces: 8 (Classic) / 9 (Premium)

Display Case Measurements: 412mm (W) x 362mm (D) x 843mm (H)

Age: 8+

PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® sets are not included with any purchases. However, this Daily Bugle set is available to buy directly from LEGO® via this link