- Our Mission -

Applying LEGO's own fundamentals to create the ultimate display solutions for their products

At wicked Brick we look forward to getting in the office every morning to solve one simple problem.....
LEGO buyers do not have enough cool ways to display their sets!

LEGO sells 10 of its sets every second. Its success is down to quality products that are played with and displayed by customers all over the globe.

Our aim is to provide the perfect compliment to these fantastic sets. Although we are a relatively new business, our aim is to offer multiple ways to display every LEGO set available. We only use the highest quality materials, designs and methods to create vehicle stands, Minifigure displays and much more. We want every LEGO set you use our display stands with to feel like an ultimate collectors series.


Our Story   (We will keep it short, we promise!)

Best friends since childhood.

Huge LEGO fans. 

Worked together for the past 4 years on a 9-5 job.

Started this business mid 2016 after a simple conversation about how little options there were to display our LEGO sets...

Here we are! (we told you it would be short)