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Dual display case for LEGO DC: Batmobile (76139) and Batmobile (40433)

SKU DEF18.5 - #G1#G1#G3

Protect and display this iconic LEGO set with a Wicked Brick display case

Showcase both the LEGO Batmobile (76139) and Minifigures, plus the promotional Batmobile (40433) dust free and protected with our Limited Edition display case.

  •  All parts are made from Perspex brand acrylic.
  • The base is made from 10mm two tiered high gloss black acrylic parts that connect together using magnets, and contains laser cut holes that hold the crystal clear stems, which slot simply and neatly into the base of the vehicle, providing a secure and sturdy connection.
  • The crystal clear stems are positioned to ensure the Batmobile is displayed in a raised viewing position allowing more of this iconic vehicle to be viewed.
  • The base also includes embedded LEGO studs to secure the Large Batmobile information plaque, Minifigure plinth and Batmobile set 40433 in place.
  • Choose from a crystal clear display case or upgrade to a custom printed vinyl background in the style of Gotham City. 
  • The crystal clear display case features extremely high opacity allowing the best clarity to view your set, and at 3mm thick it also ensures the best protection.
  • The display case parts click together and are then fixed using metallic cubes and screws, the case then slots neatly into holes in the base plate.
  • The display cases are also stackable! Simply remove the top of the display case and connect into the base of another base of the same size.
  • Give your set a prestigious showcase while ensuring its remains protected and dust free!

All products come in kit form and simply slot together!

Material: Perspex brand acrylic


W: 65.2cm   D:40.7 cm   H:33.2cm

Age: 8+


PLEASE NOTE: LEGO set is not included with this purchase.