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Limited Edition display case for the LEGO UCS TIE Interceptor set now available
Limited Edition display case for the LEGO UCS TIE Interceptor set now available

Display Case for LEGO® Space Minifigures Series 26 (71046)

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LEGO have created an out of this world treat in the latest minifigure series release: Space. This interstella range of LEGO Minifigures

LEGO have created an out of this world treat with a new range of minifigures aimed at space fans. The latest LEGO minifigure series is a range of space characters, each sold in a mystery box. There are 12 intergalactic characters to collect:

  • Orion

  • M-Tron Powerlifter

  • Blacktron Mutant

  • Alien Beetlezoid

  • Spacewalking Astronaut

  • Alien Tourist

  • Ice Planet Explorer 

  • Retro Space Heroine

  • Robot Butler

  • Nurse Android

  • Flying Saucer Costume Fan

  • Imposter

We’ve created a display case that can hold all 12 characters and has space for their accessories too. Designed specifically for the 12 minifigures in Series 26 Space and made of premium acrylic, our cases are the stand out choice.

What will the display case feature? 

  • Protected - Get peace of mind your LEGO minifigures series 26 space characters are protected from accidental damage 

  • Easy access - Lift the clear case up from the base for easy access. Secure it back in the grooves once you're done for ultimate protection.

  • Dust free - Fed up of dusting your LEGO® sets or worried cleaning them will damage them? Our case has been designed to be dust free!

  • Plaque - Clear informational plaque included that displays the set number and piece count.

  • Optional backgrounds - Upgrade your display with a UV printed background designed by our in-house team.  

  • Compatible LEGO® Set: 71046

Premium materials

  • 3mm crystal clear premium acrylic display case, assembled with our uniquely designed screws and connector cubes, allowing you to easily secure the case together.

  • 5mm black gloss premium acrylic  base plate.

  • 3mm premium acrylic  plaque etched with details of the build.

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