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Save 10% on our Limited Edition Warhammer Skaventide Army display case bundle - Available now!

Display Case for LEGO® Architecture Notre-Dame de Paris (21061)

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Product Description

Travel back to 1163 when the foundation stones were laid and start your own Notre-Dame de Paris build, capturing the iconic structure before the 2019 fire that claimed many features including its Medieval wooden roof.

The set is built to include spectacular details, from the buildings curved rear, the iconic bell towers, a removable roof and stunning interior columns. The set offers a truly historic building experience that follows the same order of construction and restoration as the actual Notre-Dame cathedral.

We’ve created a display case that compliments the LEGO Architecture Notre-Dame de Paris set. Designed specifically for set 21061, made of clear premium acrylic and with a choice of clear or our in-house designed printed background.

Product design may vary slightly from images

Product Features

Protected - Get peace of mind your LEGO Architecture Notre-Dame de Paris set is protected from accidental damage

Easy access - Lift the clear case up from the base for easy access. Secure it back in the grooves once you're done for ultimate protection.

Dust free - Fed up of dusting your LEGO® sets or worried cleaning them will damage them? Our case has been designed to be dust free!

Plaque - Clear informational plaque included that displays the set number and piece count.

Product Specifications

- 3mm crystal clear premium acrylic display case, assembled with our uniquely designed screws and connector cubes, allowing you to easily secure the case together.
- 5mm matt black premium acrylic baseplate.
- 3mm premium acrylic plaque etched with details of the build.

Product Dimensions

Width: 46cm x Depth: 27cm x Height: 35.3cm

Delivery Timescales

Our products are bespoke & made to order.
We aim to manufacture & dispatch all of our products within 6 weeks of ordering.

This display case has been created to protect your LEGO® Notre Dame Paris set (21061)

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LEGO® Notre Dame Paris

Our products come in kit form and easily click together. For some, you may need to tighten a few screws, but that’s about it. And in return, you’ll get a sturdy and secure display.

For detailed assembly instructions please click here.

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