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Limited Edition display case for LEGO Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr set now available
Limited Edition display case for LEGO Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr set now available

Display Case for LEGO® Dark Trooper™ Helmet (75343)

Original price £35.99 - Original price £42.99
Original price
£35.99 - £42.99
Current price £42.99
SKU LDS375.1.7

Showcase and protect your Dark Trooper™ Helmet in our bespoke display case.

Display your full LEGO® helmet collection with our premium acrylic desktop display cases, available with a range of background designs.

Our LEGO® helmet cases are also stackable, saving you valuable display space. Remove the lid of the display case and place another case of the same same size on top.

Special Features:

  • Shield your LEGO® Dark Trooper™ Helmet set against being knocked and damaged for peace of mind.
  • Simply lift the clear case up from the base for easy access and secure it back in the grooves once you're done for ultimate protection.
  • Two tiered 10mm black high-gloss display base connected by magnets, containing embedded studs to place the set onto.
  • Save yourself the hassle of dusting your build with our dust free case.
  • This display case is also a stackable space saving solution! Just remove the lid of the case and slot the four sides securely into the underside of another display case with a base of the same size.
  • Choose between a crystal clear case, high gloss black background, or from our range of background designs.

Premium Materials:

  • 3mm crystal clear Acrylic display case, assembled with our uniquely designed screws and connector cubes, allowing you to easily secure the case together.
  • 5mm black gloss Acrylic base plate.


Dimensions (external): Width: 20cm, Depth: 20cm, Height: 25.3cm

Compatible LEGO® Set: 75343

Age: 8+

Is the LEGO set included?

They are not included. Those are sold separately. If you haven't got your LEGO® set yet, you can purchase it directly through the LEGO® online shop here.

Will I need to build it?

Our products come in kit form and easily click together. For some, you may need to tighten a few screws, but that’s about it. And in return, you’ll get a sturdy and secure display.

Customer Reviews

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Aaron Kierpaul
Excellent Quality and Protects my Lego Investment

The build quality is excellent and easy to setup. The Display Case protects the lego and makes it look fantastic. I have purchased many cases for my Lego and will continue to do so.