Display stand for LEGO Star Wars: Resistance Bomber (75188)

Wicked Brick


Display LEGO Star Wars: Resistance Bomber in action!

The only way to show off this unique set on a bombing run....

  • High gloss black or crystal clear base acrylic base.
  • Cross section stems that simply slot together.
  • Laser cut holes for perfect connection to the base of the ship.
  • The stems feature etched bomb icons and space for a bomb from the set to give the effect of the ship on a bombing run!
  • Separate display plinth and base that fits on all corners of the main base, allowing for display at multiple angles
  • A sturdy, sleek and balanced stand to display your ship.

    Material: Perspex

    Size per stand: Width: 17cm   Length: 17cm  Height: 10cm

    Pieces per stand: 7

    Studs per stand: 0

    Age: 10+