Display stand for Destiny's Bounty (70618)

Wicked Brick

SKU: NG1 - B20 - B

Showcase this fantastic LEGO set with Wicked brick's display stand for LEGO Ninjago Movie: Destiny's Bounty (70618).
  • Large 5mm base in crystal clear or high gloss black acrylic, featuring a vector line border.
  • Both stems are etched with Ninjago themed styling and slot firmly into the display base.
  • Stem tops contain four LEGO studs each and are cut to perfectly fit into the recess of the ships base.
  • Separate base and display plinth simply slide into place in front of the vehicle, choose from either a standard display base or Minifigure display base.
  • The standard display plinth shows the LEGO set name, vehicle silhouette, affiliation symbol and even the set number. The Minifigure display base also comes with 7 sets of embedded LEGO studs to place Master Wu and all of the Ninjas!

Stand Dimensions: Width: 35cm   Depth: 23cm 

Material: Acrylic

Pieces: 7

Age: 12+


This stand comes in kit form. No need for any glue, a few clicks and your LEGO set is ready to be displayed!  

Please Note: Display stand only, LEGO set not included.