Display case for LEGO Ideas: Rocket Ride (40335)

Wicked Brick

SKU: DS81.5

 Upgrade your set with Wicked Brick

 Treat this amazing Ideas Rocket Ride set to the ultimate display solution!

  • Two tiered 10mm Black high gloss Perspex display base containing embedded LEGO studs for the perfect connection to the base plate of the set.
  • Stud positioning allows you to display the Minifugre next to the rocket ride, or place him inside and centre the rocket ride inside the display case.
  • The crystal clear buildable display case simply clicks together then slots firmly into holes in the base plate. This gives the product a prestigious look and ensures the case is sturdy enough to protect your valuable LEGO set and keep it dust free!
  • The display case is also a stackable space saving solution! Simply remove the top part of the display case and place another of the same same size on top.


All products come in kit form and simply slot together!

Material: Acrylic

Pieces: 7

Age: 8+


PLEASE NOTE: LEGO sets are not included with any purchases.