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An update on deliveries this Festive Season... Read More
An update on deliveries this Festive Season... Read More

Display podiums for LEGO® Minifigures

Original price $54.00 - Original price $98.00
Original price
$54.00 - $98.00
Current price $54.00
SKU LDS203.2.3

Organise and display your LEGO® characters with our custom Minifigure podiums

  • Choose from a range of sizes to best suit your display needs.
  • Multi-tiered 5mm black acrylic podiums with sets of embedded studs to securely place your Minifigures.
  • Minifigure placements have been spaced to allow for all size figures and possible accessories.
  • Simple kit construction means the products can be built in seconds.
  • Give your valuable Minifigures a prestigious platform for display platform while ensuring they remain organised and safe from being lost!

Material: Perspex brand acrylic


40 Minifigure Podium: 63cm wide x 9cm deep x 3cm high.

60 Minifigure Podium: 63cm wide x 14cm deep x 6cm high.

80 Minifigure Podium: 63cm wide x 19cm deep x 9cm high.

100 Minifigure Podium: 63cm wide x 24cm deep x 12cm high.


Is the LEGO® set included? 

They are not included. Those are sold separately.

Will I need to build it? 

Our products come in kit form and easily click together. For some, you may need to tighten a few screws, but that’s about it. And in return, you’ll get a sturdy and secure display.

When will it be delivered? 

We make every display case by hand. And ship them to every corner of the globe. Delivery times change depending on our workload. Please check the delivery page. It will tell you how quickly we’ll get your item from our factory to your front door.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James Buck
Excellent Figure Stand

I have rather a few of WB's stands and absolutely love the quality and aesthetic.
Concentrating more on figures now as running out of room for models. This stand did not dissapoint.
Excellent quality construction and solid when built. Displays figures wonderfully, 100 is just not enough and will have to purchase another one once I create some more space to put it!

Another superb quality product. Thanks!

Rhys Griffiths

This is so nearly perfect, if only the characters were facing straight and not awkwardly at eachother

Wei Yang
It's glorious!

This is by far one of my favorite ways to display the minifigures and one of the best sections in my display cabinet! I do wish they also offer a way to have the minifigs face forward, or have a way to incorporate big figs alongside the minifigs. I easily filled up the first 100 with Marvel characters and will need another one for the next 100!


I ordered a display case for the yellow submarine and a display stand for minifigures. The Wicked Brick team dispatched the goods from England 6 days ago and they arrived at my house in Australia today. The products are so well packed and they arrived in perfect condition. The service is brilliant. I could not be happier and I cannot speak highly enough of Wicked Brick.

William Horne

Great idea, the figures are all displayed so you can easily see all of them. Particularly good if you want to keep the figures on display but rotate the display of the models you’ve built