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Limited Edition Display Case for 300 Minifigures now available!
Limited Edition Display Case for 300 Minifigures now available!

EU Shipping Announcement

EU Shipping announcement

 Since the new shipping rules and regulations to the EU were implemented in the wake of BREXIT at the start of 2021, we have strived to find affordable solutions to ensure we continue offering delivery services to thousands of EU customers.

 After extensively trialling these services with our courier partner DHL this year, they have proven to be expensive options that have resulted in Wicked Brick absorbing the increased courier costs due to extra administration and import fees. While this is something we wanted to continue to do for our amazing customers, it is also unsustainable going forward. 

 As a result of this, on September 17th 2021 we will be increasing our shipping prices for all orders made from EU countries. 

 We have many loyal and long serving customers in all EU countries that we value dearly, so we  will do our utmost to ensure no further costs are passed on to our customers than are absolutely necessary. Many UK and EU companies have found that the extra costs and administration work involved since BREXIT have rendered these cross-border deliveries unviable, but we are determined to continue to offer our products to all past and future customers in Europe. 

 We would like to say a huge thank you to our awesome customers from all the countries in question, and we can assure you that plans are already in place to solve this issue once and for all. 

Kind regards,
Lee & Kevin
Wicked Brick