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18 Creative Lego Storage Ideas for Every Enthusiast

18 Creative Lego Storage Ideas for Every Enthusiast

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Did you know that over 400 billion LEGO bricks are currently in existence? That's 50 bricks for every person alive! 

Every minute, another 36,000 bricks are produced, adding to the ever-growing number of pieces that need building, organising and displaying. It's no wonder that finding the perfect LEGO storage and display ideas is a top priority for LEGO enthusiasts!

Whether you're a casual builder or a dedicated collector, we'll explore 18 creative and practical LEGO storage ideas to help you manage your pieces and showcase your collection. 

How to store LEGO: 18 creative LEGO storage ideas

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1. Hanging organisers

Storage doesn’t have to be complicated. Hanging organisers are a fantastic space solution — perfect for smaller collections or children’s bedrooms. 

Made from fabric, hanging organisers are one of the best LEGO set storage ideas because they come with multiple shelves. This allows you to store your LEGO pieces in plastic boxes or their original sets. 

You can hang these organisers on doors or walls, keeping LEGO bricks easily accessible and off the floor (trust us, you really want to avoid stepping on LEGO). 

Suitable for small- to medium-sized sets, they offer a neat way to store bricks by colour or type and are an affordable, practical, no-fuss storage option.

2. Display frames

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Make the most of your wall space and combine functionality and aesthetics by using display cases and wall-mounted frames to showcase your favourite LEGO sets or minifigures. 

Great for kids and adults alike, both come in various shapes and sizes and can be customised with different backgrounds and layouts to suit any room and collection. 

They’ll keep your pieces safe while adding a decorative element to your space, making them worth the investment.

3. LEGO set storage ideas

Dedicated LEGO set storage is designed to keep your bricks organised and easily accessible. These include stackable bins, brick containers, racks and even LEGO storage heads. LEGO set storage ideas come in various sizes to accommodate all types of collections. They are an excellent option for serious collectors to ensure their sets remain intact and easy to find.

4. Drawer cabinets

For a more structured way to store your LEGO bricks, consider long-term storage, like dedicated drawer cabinets.

Perfect for adult collectors and older children, cabinets will keep your workspace tidy and efficient, making your collection easy to sort and access. 

And, if you love organising, you can create professional-looking labels with a label marker to label your drawers and categorise your bricks by colour, size, type or collection.

5. Ikea Kallax displays

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Ikea Kallax units are famous for their simple, versatile cube storage shelving that can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall. They also happen to be pretty great at storing LEGO.

Easily customise yours with inserts, boxes, doors and display cases to complement the theme of your collection and your home aesthetic. 

These units are affordable, widely available and great when paired with elegant Wicked Brick display cases for extra protection from dust.

6. Floating shelving units

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Does your home have a modern interior and you’re looking for a ​​cool LEGO storage idea to match? Opt for some sleek floating shelving units to store your LEGO sets. These shelves will save floor space and create a clean, uncluttered look that’s cohesive with the rest of your home.

They are great for sets of all sizes and can be arranged in various configurations to suit any room.

7. DIY LEGO storage

If you're a fan of DIY, give your hands a break from your LEGO builds and customise your own storage to fit your exact needs and style preferences.

From custom-built shelves to repurposed furniture, baskets, cabinets and crates, the possibilities are endless. It's a great budget-friendly option that lets you get creative and create storage that is completely unique.

Source - Pinterest

Wondering what to do with too many LEGOs?

Sorting boxes often feature compartments that keep LEGO bricks, Minifigures and other pieces separate and safe. 

These stackable boxes make it easy to organise your LEGO pieces by type or colour, making it quick and easy to find the pieces you need for hassle-free building. 

Great for both children and adults, sorting boxes help maintain order and prevent clutter. This LEGO storage box idea can fit into just about any drawer, making them a staple for any serious LEGO collector. Oh, and they’re pretty wallet-friendly, too!

9. Drawers with dividers

Draw dividers are a cheap and cheerful way to keep your LEGO stored and organised with minimal effort.

Available in different shapes and sizes, draw dividers keep your workspace mess-free and can fit bricks of various sizes, ensuring everything has its place. 

Buy draw dividers for existing drawers that aren't getting enough use or add them as an additional purchase alongside some brand new drawers to create a dedicated LEGO storage and building area.

10. Minifigure display cases

Wall Mounted Tiered Display Cases for LEGO® Minifigures £49.99

They might be mini, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show them off. Minifigure display cases are specially designed to showcase and protect your LEGO Minifigure collection.

These cool LEGO storage ideas are versatile and can be wall-mounted or free-standing. They provide a clear view of each figure while keeping them dust-free and adding a professional touch to your collection.

11. Removable compartment organisers

Removable compartment organisers allow you to sort your LEGO pieces by size, colour or type and can easily be adapted as your collection grows. 

Pick and choose from fabric, plastic or clear acrylic organisers that let you see your bricks easily and place them in drawers, storage boxes or even under the bed. 

12. Tackle boxes

Originally designed for fishing gear, tackle boxes double up as great LEGO storage box ideas and are great for smaller collections or on-the-go building. 

With multiple compartments and a portable design, tackle boxes make it easy to transport your sets on holidays and long weekends away and keep your bricks organised. 

13. LEGO storage drawers

Source - LEGO Official Website

LEGO brick storage drawers are a fun way to organise your collection. These stackable, durable plastic drawers come with two compartments and removable drawers, making it easy to access your LEGO pieces. 

They also come with oversized LEGO studs on top, allowing you to stack and connect them with other LEGO storage brick drawers to create colourful, multicoloured storage stacks. 

These are a great option for kids, instantly brightening any room with their play decor and larger-than-life LEGO design.

14. Bookcase displays

Bookcases don’t just have to be for books. Choose a bookcase with adjustable shelves to house your growing collection, providing enough space for storing and displaying your LEGO sets.

A bookcase is great for limited space and works perfectly as larger storage for your changing needs. It offers versatility and a visually appealing storing option and can be paired with Wicked Brick’s wide range of display cases to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

15. Colour-coded storage boxes

Make sorting and finding LEGO pieces a breeze with colour-coded storage boxes. By organising your bricks by colour, you can quickly locate the pieces you need for any set. 

These boxes are ideal for younger children learning to organise their LEGO as well as older builders craving coordination. Affordable and easy to find, colour-coded boxes are a simple but effective storage option for any LEGO enthusiast.

16. Built-in window seat drawers

Turn a window into a cosy seating area that doubles as hidden storage with built-in window seat drawers. 

Ideal for adult collectors and families, these draws can be customised to fit perfectly under a window seat, providing lots of space for your LEGO collection. Despite the higher price tag, this dual-purpose storage is stylish, functional and a beautiful and efficient way of using your space.

17. Rolling storage carts

Source - Pinterest 

Rolling storage trolleys are great for smaller homes and rooms that don't have room for bulkier drawers and bookcases. 

They fit in the smallest spaces, come with multiple shelves or drawers and can be moved wherever you need, making it easy to sort your bricks and build anywhere in the house. 

18. Under-bed storage boxes

Don’t overlook space under the bed in your quest to find extra storage space. 

Under-bed storage boxes easily slide beneath most beds, helping keep your collection out of sight but still easily accessible — perfect for those with limited space. Choose from fabric, plastic or wooden options in various sizes that fit even the largest collections.

How to store your LEGO: step-by-step guide

How to store LEGO boxes

Start by looking at your collection to determine how many LEGO boxes you have and how much space is available. 

You can either invest in some sturdy shelving units or a bookcase capable of holding the weight and size of your boxes, or stack them in an available corner.

When organising, stack your LEGO sets by size, theme or set number. This will make it easier to find specific sets when you need them. You could also create and print labels for each stack to make them easier to identify.

Keep your boxes in a cool, dry space and check them from time to time for signs of wear or pests if you’re storing them in the garage or shed. 

How to store extra LEGO pieces

If you’ve organised and displayed your main LEGO sets but still have some extra LEGO pieces lying around, purchase a tackle box or drawer divider to prevent them from getting lost. 

Sort them into compartments by colour or size to make them easy to find when needed, and regularly organise your pieces as you collect new ones to avoid mess and confusion.

How to store big LEGO sets

When it comes to big LEGO sets, consider using glass cabinets or sprawling bookcase displays to show off your hard work without the pain of dismantling your larger sets. 

If you don’t want your LEGO on display, you could also try under-bed storage boxes that will easily fit your collection. Just remember to dust them regularly to keep them looking their best.

How to store LEGO once built

You’ve spent hours, maybe even days, painstakingly building your LEGO Eiffel Tower, made from 10,001 pieces, and can’t bear taking it down and wasting all your hard work.

We get it — we wouldn’t want to either. And you don’t have to. There are plenty of ways to store built LEGO sets!

Simply decide where you want to display or store your work of art and invest in a display case, floating shelf or bookcase to showcase your model.

How to store LEGO sets for investment

If your LEGO is an investment piece, you’ll want to take extra care of it. Choose a storage location that’s safe, secure and, most importantly, not exposed to the elements or drastic changes in temperature. 

Store the sets in their original boxes and within plastic containers with lids to protect them from dust and moisture. If you’re stacking them, do so carefully or steer clear of this altogether to avoid your LEGO becoming damaged or misshapen. 

Periodically check on the condition and contents of your storage boxes to ensure they stay in mint condition. You should also avoid storing your sets directly on the ground, which can expose them to dirt, moisture and dust, and can damage your pieces over time.

How to store display LEGO

Choose an eye-catching location in your home and invest in a high-quality display case or a glass cabinet to show off your LEGO sets in all their pride and glory.

Arrange your models in a way that showcases their best features and incorporate lighting to enhance their appearance and create a striking display. 

Keep the area clean and dust-free, and rotate your sets from time to time to keep your display looking fresh and exciting. 

For more innovative ideas to display your LEGO, read the full article here.

What is the best way to store LEGO?

Thanks to the wide range of available LEGO storage ideas, organising and displaying your LEGO collection no longer has to be a challenge. 

Whether you’re dealing with loose pieces, large sets or built models that you just can’t bear to take apart, our creative and practical LEGO storage and display ideas will keep your collection organised and looking its best. 

From hanging organisers and floating shelves to customer display cases and dedicated LEGO storage drawers, the best way to store LEGO depends on your space and needs. 

We understand the passion, pride and hard work that comes with curating your LEGO sets. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating innovative display and storage solutions that showcase your masterpieces in all their glory. 

Take your LEGO storage and display game to the next level and explore Wicked Brick’s bespoke display cases and storage solutions

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