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Display Case for LEGO® Assembly Square (10255)

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SKU LDS372.1.7

Proudly display the LEGO® Assembly Square (10255) with our exclusive Wicked Brick® display case.

The elaborate LEGO® Assembly Square is a fun collectors piece, full of intricate details. Give it the pride of place it deserves with our premium display case.


Classic Display Case:

  • The display case is made from premium brand Perspex® acrylic.
  • The base plate is connected by magnets and contains black stems that the Assembly Square is placed into, as well as embedded studs to securely place your Minifigures.
  • A unique information 3mm clear plaque that slots into the base, featuring etched icons and details from the LEGO® set.
  • Our easy to build crystal clear display case is secured together using custom manufactured Wicked Brick® connector cubes and screws.

Display Case with printed vinyl background

  • You have the option to enhance your LEGO® set by adding a bespoke Wicked Brick® vinyl background to your order. 
  • Our themed, in-house designed and printed artwork portrays a bright street scene, the perfect backdrop for your Assembly Square display.

Material: Acrylic
Dimensions: Width: 43cm  Depth: 37cm  Height 39.3cm
Age: 8+
PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® sets are not included with any purchases.

Secure and proudly display your LEGO® Assembly Square set in our sleek, high-end case, that's handmade to order here at Wicked Brick®. All of our products come in kit form and simply slot together.

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