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How to Display LEGO at Home: 14 Creative LEGO Display Ideas

How to Display LEGO at Home: 14 Creative LEGO Display Ideas

Building your favourite LEGO set can take hours, depending on how many pieces and the complexity of the set. The NASA Artemis Space Launch System — one of the bestselling LEGO sets — has 3,601 pieces, which could take as long as 7-8 hours to build.

With that amount of time, concentration and effort into your sets, planning how to display LEGO makes a lot of sense. Whether you’re thinking about how to display LEGO daffodils or how to display Harry Potter LEGO faves, here are our favourite ways to show off your LEGO displays.

14 LEGO display ideas

1. Display frames

Display frames are ideal for showcasing individual LEGO sets or themed collections. You can choose different types or sizes of frames and customise as needed. Choose a frame colour that works with your set or the rest of your display to create a theme.

Frames are one of the more affordable options to display your LEGO sets. However, it’s harder to truly customise or display larger pieces with a frame. You need a frame that’s deep enough, and you can only display one side of the set. It needs to be quite a flat, stable piece to stay upright too.

A display frame can cost as little as £5, so this is a great option if you’re on a budget — especially if you have one smaller piece and don’t plan to do much customisation. Plus, it’s one of the easiest display options to put together.

2. IKEA KALLAX displays

Not only did IKEA collab with LEGO on the BYGGLEK collection, but their KALLAX shelving unit is a great way to aesthetically display LEGO sets. The shelving is customisable to suit most spaces and won’t break the bank. Plus, our IKEA display solutions can take your set displays to a whole new level.

You can even display your LEGO Minifigures with a Display Podium for IKEA KALLAX to mix it up. Whichever option you go for, you can turn your IKEA KALLAX into multiple showcases. They come with unique designs to complement your collection and help to protect your sets from dust. Choose an optional blank plate for added protection.

IKEA KALLAX starts from as little as £25 for a two-piece unit and comes in a range of shades. You can build and customise your storage to suit your collection. Our KALLAX display solutions start from just £17.99, which is a worthwhile investment to protect your sets.

Star Wars Themed Prinked IKEA Kallax Display Case - £19.99

3. Floating shelving units

Create a floating gallery effect by displaying your LEGO sets on wall-mounted shelves. You can choose shelving that works in your living space, and experiment with staggered or asymmetrical shelving to do something a bit different.

This type of LEGO display shelving is easy to install, and it’s affordable. You can display your sets however you want on the shelving. If you want your LEGO sets to feel a little more like part of your home, the Large Display Vase for LEGO Flowers can fit perfectly with your aesthetic.

You can also use display stands and display cases to make the most of your shelving unit. Floating shelves can be as little as £5, but you need to spend some time and use tools to install them. Wondering how to display LEGO sets in a multipurpose space? This is a great way to blend LEGO into your home.

Display stand for LEGO® Star Wars™ The Justifier - £21.99

4. Ceiling mounts

Ceiling mounts are a great way to showcase your collection, especially if floor or shelf space is limited. It works especially well for pieces like the Star Wars Starships collection, where you can make it look like your sets are flying in space. You can mix and match this with other types of displays.

Ceiling mounts are perfect for showcasing large or intricate sets too. You just need to make sure your collection isn’t too heavy and that you install it correctly for safety and stability. You don’t want to find your favourite set on the floor after it hasn’t been installed correctly.

You can try ceiling mount kits or use hooks, fishing wire or chains. While DIY displays may work out cheaper, the results can be more unexpected. For that reason, we’d suggest sticking to a kit that’s been specially designed for the job.

Source - Reddit

5. Pick a colour theme

Choosing a colour theme can be a really effective way to display your sets, but you need to plan it out that way when you’re building. Or at least hope you luck out and there are some colour themes you’ve naturally chosen. This can look great, and you can even make it fit in with design and colour themes in your home.

This is one of the most cost-effective and customisable ways to display your collection. What you go for only depends on your preferences, planning and the colours of bricks you have available. You can even plan out your next sets based on the colour theme you choose. If you want to make the colour theme more subtle, you can group together some accent colours or use accessories to theme them together. Either way, it can add cohesion and colour to your collection that looks amazing.

6. Wall displays

Wall displays are truly customisable and can be anything from shelves to peg boards, brackets and custom-built displays. They can save you space or help you to maximise the room you’re working with. Start out by checking that your walls can handle any shelving or ledges — especially once you add the weight of your collection to the wall.

You can really customise wall displays and create something that works perfectly for your collection. They also protect your sets from being accidentally knocked over. While installation needs some planning and tools, you can make it as simple or complicated as you want. You also need to be sure your shelves are where you want them to be.

The cost of wall-mounted displays can vary. Basic floating shelves or ledges can be purchased for around £20-£60, while more elaborate sets up can be more expensive. Something custom might cost several hundred pounds. You also need to have some DIY skills if you’re handling the installation yourself.

Wall Mounted Display Case for LEGO® Ideas: The Starry Night - £61.99

7. Glass cabinets

For those wondering how to aesthetically display LEGO, glass cabinets could be the answer.

Displaying LEGO sets in glass cabinets shows off your collection while protecting it from dust and damage. Glass cabinets come in different sizes and styles, from small tabletop displays to large freestanding units. Choose your cabinet location wisely for maximum impact with your display.

You can even add LED lights inside the cabinet to illuminate your LEGO sets and create a stunning visual effect. Our top tip for how to display LEGO in glass cabinets? If you’re arranging on shelves or layers, start with larger models on the bottom and smaller ones on top for stability and balance.

Costs for glass cabinets can vary widely depending on size, quality and features. Smaller cabinets or display cases can cost between £50 and £200, while larger, more elaborate cabinets can cost up to £1,000 (or even more).

Limited Edition Display case for LEGO® Star Wars™ Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser - £279.99

8. DIY LEGO displays

How do you show off your LEGO without breaking the bank? If you’re feeling creative, you can try out some DIY display solutions. By using materials like acrylic, wood, wire or metal, you can customise displays to fit your space and style preferences.

DIY displays are often a more cost-effective way to create LEGO arrangements, but you’ll probably spend more time putting them together. The end result will be something unique that you can proudly say you’ve created from start to finish. It’s a way of putting together a display that really means something to you.

9. LEGO daffodil and flower displays

Wondering how to display LEGO daffodils or other pieces of the LEGO botanicals collection? For daffodils, flower displays and plant collections, the Display Vase for LEGO Flowers is perfect for getting that botanical feel — with a little LEGO twist of course!

A display case works well for larger pieces like the LEGO Ideas Tree House or the LEGO Icons Tranquil Garden. You can showcase the pieces from your collection on table tops, window sills or shelving for an authentic feel that fits with the rest of your home. These look great for themed or seasonal displays.

Display case for LEGO® Bonsai Tree - £52.99

10. Table displays

Table displays offer a versatile and accessible way to showcase your LEGO sets, integrating them seamlessly into your living space. To create a display, select a sturdy table with enough surface area to accommodate your sets while allowing for creative arrangements.

You can use risers or stands to create varying heights, adding depth and dimension. Grouping sets by theme or colour can also create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. Adding lighting, such as LED strips or spotlights, can enhance the display by highlighting specific sets and creating a dramatic effect.

Setting up a table display is straightforward and relatively inexpensive compared to other methods like custom-built cabinets or ceiling mounts. Basic tables are affordable, while specialised display tables with glass tops or built-in lighting can be more costly.

Display Stand for LEGO® Icons Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter - £39.99

11. Minifigure display cases

Showcase Minifigure collections in dedicated display cases or shadow boxes. This can help you maximise the space you have and really help you to show off those small but perfectly formed Minifigures. It also keeps them protected from dust and damage.

Arrange Minifigures by theme, series or rarity for added interest. You can even get special Minifigures storage solutions depending on your collection.

Display case for LEGO® Marvel Studios Minifigure Series - £40.99

12. LEGO Harry Potter Displays

How you display Harry Potter LEGO can add a magical touch to any room and make your collection a focal point. You can use themed tablecloths, miniature props or even custom-built scenery to recreate scenes from the Wizarding World.

Arrange your LEGO sets thoughtfully, perhaps grouping them by location, such as Hogwarts Castle, Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade. You can add background elements like posters, fabric backdrops or even DIY Hogwarts house banners to enhance the theme.

The cost of setting up a table display can vary depending on the size of the table and the additional decor items you choose. A basic setup with just a table and the Lego sets might be very cost-effective, while a more elaborate display with themed decorations and lighting can add to the expenses.

Display case for LEGO® Harry Potter: Hogwarts Castle - £229.99

13. Experiment with lighting

Experimenting with lighting can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of LEGO displays, bringing out intricate details and creating captivating atmospheres. One approach is to strategically place LED strip lights around the display area.

Another option is to use spotlights or track lighting fixtures to focus attention on specific sets or areas within the display. By adjusting the angle and intensity of the lights, you can create dramatic effects and draw attention to key features of the LEGO creations. Experimenting with different lighting colours can also add depth and personality to your LEGO display.

While experimenting with lighting can significantly enhance your LEGO display, it's essential to consider factors such as cost, complexity and safety. LED strip lights and fixtures are relatively affordable and easy to install. However, for more intricate lighting setups involving wiring and electrical work, it's advisable to consult a professional.

14. Bookcase displays

Bookcase displays help you mix and match your display areas or make the most of your space. One method is to arrange your LEGO sets on open shelves within a bookcase, organising them by theme, colour or size to create visually appealing displays. Our IKEA BILLY bookcase storage collection has plenty of ideas for creating bookcase displays you’ll love.

Another approach is to incorporate custom-built shelving units specifically designed for LEGO sets. These shelves can feature built-in platforms or compartments to securely hold LEGO models, minimising the risk of them falling or getting damaged.

DIY options using standard bookcases and shelves are affordable and can usually be customised to suit your preferences. Alternatively, investing in specialised display solutions can come at a higher cost.

6 Tier display podium for IKEA® Billy Bookcase - £31.99

How to display LEGO: step-by-step guide

  • Start by planning your display and assessing your collection.
  • Consider the available space, the pieces you have and how you want to display them.
  • Choose your display equipment, including any accessories, display units or tools you might need.
  • Organise your sets by size and/or your chosen theme.
  • Create a layout plan and experiment with arrangements.
  • Rotate and maintain displays, monitoring for damage.

How to display big LEGO sets

For larger LEGO sets, choose sturdy display options. This means heavy-duty shelves or display cabinets that can handle the weight. Avoid putting too many pieces in one storage space as you risk overloading it. If possible, keep larger pieces lower to the ground to reduce damage and weight.

How to display medium LEGO sets

Medium LEGO sets still need sturdy shelving that can bear their weight. You can get more creative with themes and matching sets since you can store more together. Don’t be tempted to overload it, as the weight of a few medium sets can soon add up.

How do you display LEGO with limited space?

If you’re working with limited space, utilise vertical space by mounting shelves or display racks on walls to maximise floor space while still showcasing your LEGO sets effectively. Using modular or stackable display units that can be customised and reconfigured to fit into tight or awkward spaces, allowing for flexibility and adaptability.

Multifunctional furniture can also help with limited space. Coffee tables with transparent tops, bookcases with multiple shelves or tables with display shelves built in can all help you make the most of your space.

What is the best way to display LEGO sets?

Now you’ve learnt how to display LEGO sets at home, you may be wondering, which way is best?

The best way to display LEGO sets depends on your collection, your living space and how you want to display your favourite pieces. What you choose is really down to you. It also depends on where you can store your collections and if they need additional protection.

Wicked Brick storage solutions help you maximise your space without compromising on creatively displaying your LEGO pieces. We want to help you build a display area that works for your living space.

Wondering how to display LEGO at home? Check out our collection of LEGO set storage, whatever’s in your LEGO set.

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