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Display Case for Architecture: Venice Skyline (21026)

SKU LDS93.1.7 - #G1#G1#G1

Beautiful Views from the City of Water...

We have crafted the perfect display case for you to proudly showcase your LEGO Architecture set. Each case comes with a bed of official LEGO studs to securely accommodate your personal brick rendition of the Venetian skyline. 

Celebrate the architectural diversity of the romantic city of Venice by upgrading your order to include a Wicked Brick original background print.

Our custom-made vinyl background prints are designed to highlight the amazing skyline features and historic landmarks of your LEGO set.

Our display cases are stackable! Simply remove the top part of the case and slide another case of the same size on top.

Display Case

  • This case is stackable, sturdy and capable of keeping your  LEGO set dust free, while also reducing your shelf footprint.
  • 10mm black high gloss acrylic display base embedded with studs, offering your architecture set the perfect connection to the base plate of your display case. 
  • The crystal clear buildable display case is secured together using screws and connector cubes which slide firmly into the base plate. 


Display Case with printed vinyl background

  • You have the option to enhance your architectural set by adding a custom Wicked Brick background design to your order, the perfect finishing touch to any LEGO enthusiasts display.  


All products come in kit form and are easily assembled, simply click the pieces into place! Click here for more instructions. 


Material: Acrylic

Pieces: Varies

Dimensions: Width: 32.5cm  Depth: 12.2cm  Height 18.5cm

Age: 8+ 


PLEASE NOTE: LEGO sets are for demonstration purposes and not included with any purchases.