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Limited Edition LEGO® Icons: Concorde display case now available!
Limited Edition LEGO® Icons: Concorde display case now available!

Collect. Create. Protect.

Create the ultimate made to measure display for your collectibles with our custom display case configurator.

Design and build the perfect display case with measurements down to the millimetre and endless configuration possibilities.

Our custom display cases are crafted from the same premium Perspex acrylic as our other cases and follow the same signature design philosophy. Our two tiered base provides a strong hold for your collectibles and allows the case lid to slot neatly into place.

The screws and cubes system we pioneered ensures your case is securely fastened together with minimal impact on the aesthetics of your display.

How to order

Follow the easy steps below to ensure you create your perfect display case. We use internal dimensions so be sure to read below before ordering.

Step 1

Measure the collectible you wish to display in your case. We would recommend giving at least 10-20mm extra to ensure your display doesn’t look cramped.

Step 2

Enter your measurements (don’t forget to add at least 10-20mm extra) and enter them above.

The minimum case dimensions are 60mm x 60mm x 60mm
The maximum case dimensions are 600mm x 600mm x 600mm

Step 3

The dimensions you enter are for the internal dimensions of the display case. To ensure the case fits in the desired location, please add your dimensions to the dimensions below. Height: Add 13mm
Width: Add 20mm
Depth: Add 20mm

Step 4

Take the dimensions from step 3 and ensure the case fits in your desired location.

Step 5 (optional)

You can opt for additional stackable cases that are perfect for space saving and showcasing a wider collection. You can keep the height the same as the original case, or you can choose a different height (please note the width and depth must be the same to ensure they stack).

Stackable Display Cases

Upgrade your case to a tower with our stackable case extra.

Add additional cases of the same size and display your whole collection together.

Use the same dimensions as the primary case and create a truly impressive display.

Please note the clear stackable cases must be purchased separately and can be found at the link below.

Shop stackable cases

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