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25 Epic Gaming Room Ideas | Gaming Room Displays, Setups & More

25 Epic Gaming Room Ideas | Gaming Room Displays, Setups & More

If gaming is one of your favourite hobbies, you’re going to need a gaming room. It’ll help you keep everything you need to unlock your gaming potential all in one place. Whether that’s displaying your collectables, setting up your screen or getting the right chair, selecting the right gaming room ideas matters.

There are over 121,000 uses of #gamingroom on TikTok, with gamers all over the world showing off the inspiration behind their gaming rooms. With so many options out there, from under-stairs gaming room ideas to gaming room colour ideas, here’s a selection of the best options to make the most of your space.

How can you design your gaming room? 25 gaming room ideas

Need some gaming room ideas? Here’s everything you need, whether you’re looking for gaming room setup ideas, gaming room colour ideas or to change up your lighting.

1. LEGO set gaming room

If you’re a LEGO fan (and if you say you’re not, we don’t believe you), showcasing your LEGO collection in your gaming room just makes sense. It can help you feel comfortable and inspired in your space, as well as provide you with a dedicated area to display your sets.

Use shelves, display cases or ceiling mounts to show off your favourite LEGO pieces. If you already have a LEGO collection ready to display, options can be pretty affordable. Expect to pay from around £20 and to spend some time on building the LEGO sets to transform your gaming room into a LEGO space.

Display Case For For Lego Old Fishing Store - £78.99

2. IKEA KALLAX displays

IKEA KALLAX units are a great space saver to organise your gaming room. You can customise the area and create the space you want to work with. This means you can stash cables and controllers out the way while leaving your games or hobbies on display.

If you want to show off your gaming collections or your favourite LEGO sets and collectables, check out our IKEA KALLAX display collection. It’s one of the best gaming room ideas for adults to maximise space with their favourite pieces on display.

Display Case for LEGO Star Wars UCS: R2-D2 - £68.99

3. Theme decor around your favourite games

One of the greatest gaming room ideas (in our opinion) is to design your gaming room around the aesthetics of your favourite game. That means adding posters, artwork and memorabilia. You can even mix it up and choose a selection of games if you really can’t choose what you want to show off.

How far you take the theme is up to you. You can keep it subtle with a little hint of the games you love, or you can go all out with a fully themed gaming space.

Source - Pinterest

4. Create a cool vibe with RGB lighting

Installing RGB lighting strips can add ambience and a futuristic vibe to your gaming room. They’re customisable, easy to install and you can choose your colour schemes to go with the rest of your space.

You’ll often see this type of lighting on Twitch and YouTube streams from your favourite gamers. Plan out your design and gaming room colour ideas ahead of time to get the space feeling the way you want.

Source - Pinterest

5. Choose your gaming desk

The gaming desk you go for can make a big difference to the space you’re gaming in, your posture and the setup. Choose a gaming desk with enough space for monitors (as many as you like), peripherals and accessories.

Look for ergonomic features for comfort during long gaming sessions. Make sure you position your desk and chair at the right height so you feel comfortable during gaming. If you plan to spend a while in there, it’s essential to feel good while you’re playing.

Source - Pinterest

6. Create a Warhammer gaming room theme

If Warhammer’s your thing, design your gaming room with a Warhammer-inspired look. This could mean presenting your Warhammer collections in a special display case or decorating with items and memorabilia from your collection. A display case can help you show off your Warhammer collection and miniatures while protecting your favourite pieces.

This can help you personalise and enjoy your gaming room space. No two people will have exactly the same Warhammer collection, so show yours off.

Display Case for Warhammer Squad with Endless War Background - £25.99

7. Floating shelving units

Maximise wall space in your gaming room with floating shelves to display gaming memorabilia and collectables. These can be easier than standing shelves as you don’t need to take up floor space.

They’re ideal for showcasing figurines, action figures, games and small gaming accessories like headphones or spare controllers, making them an ideal gaming room idea for adults and kids alike.

Source - Pinterest

8. DIY gaming room decor

Get creative with DIY decor projects to personalise your gaming space. Whether you create photo collages, posters of your favourite characters or get creative with wall art, you can create a space that’s truly your own.

Follow YouTube tutorials for ideas to get your gaming decor done on a more affordable budget. It might take you a little longer, but it’ll be way more satisfying.

9. Select a colour theme

Choose a colour scheme that reflects your gaming style and personality. Then start incorporating that into your gaming room. Coordinate furniture, decor and lighting to create a cohesive look.

If you already have furniture or pieces that don’t really fit with your new theme, take a look at whether you can customise them yourself. This means less waste and a more affordable space.

Source - Pinterest

10. Add soundproofing

Enhance your gaming experience with soundproofing to minimise distractions. Sometimes you want to really feel a game, but headphones aren’t quite cutting it. To avoid complaints from family, roommates or neighbours, think about investing in soundproofing.

This could be as simple as adding curtains, furniture or flooring that absorbs sound. Or you could go all out and install acoustic panels and approved soundproofing.

Source - Pinterest

11. Create a girl gamer aesthetic

If the girl gamer aesthetic’s your thing, go all in when choosing ideas for your gaming room. While there’s no rule that says what a girl gamer has to have their set up like, it’s generally about lighter colours, soft textures and a little more feminine style in your gaming space.

You can use accessories like cute and quirky rugs, coloured chairs, LED lighting and shelving to create this aesthetic. To be honest, the girl gamer aesthetic is whatever you want it to be.

Source - Pinterest

12. Minifigure display cases

If you’ve spent time building up your LEGO Minifigure collection, show it off in dedicated display cases or shadow boxes. This can totally change the look and feel of your gaming room, while keeping your pieces protected and safe from damage.

Whatever the size of your collection, be proud of them and have them on display in your gaming room.

Wall Mounted Tiered Display Cases for LEGO® Minifigures - £49.99

13. Buy ergonomic furniture for hours of gaming comfort

Invest in ergonomic gaming chairs and furniture to support your posture and comfort while you’re gaming. It might not be your first priority when it comes to your gaming room setup ideas, but we promise you’ll thank us later for this one.

Look for adjustable features and lumbar support for extended gaming sessions. Some gaming sessions can go on for a while so it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable and supported while you’re racking up points.

Source - Pinterest

14. Use lighting strategically

There are plenty of gaming room lights ideas out there, with some of the most popular being illuminating your gaming room with task lighting for gameplay and ambient lighting for atmosphere. If you add dimmer switches and changeable options, you can adapt your focus and mood for gameplay.

Source - Pinterest

15. Go for a futuristic theme

You’ll have noticed your fave streamers usually have futuristic-looking gaming room setup ideas, which makes sense as we’re talking about tech here. Design a gaming room with a futuristic aesthetic inspired by sci-fi and cyberpunk elements.

Incorporate metallic accents, sleek furniture and neon lighting for a high-tech vibe. You might take your inspiration from iconic sci-fi and tech films, such as Star Wars, to get that futuristic feel.

Source - Pinterest

16. Create a D&D gaming room theme

If you love Dungeons & Dragons, then what better place to take your gaming room inspiration from? Design a gaming room inspired by DND with medieval and fantasy elements. It could be your favourite Baldur’s Gate characters or storylines, or you could theme it as one of the locations.

Incorporate themed decor, maps and props for immersive gameplay that you’ll love. Bonus points if you actually play DND there.

Source - Pinterest

17. Create a multi-functional setup for work and play

You might not have enough space at home for a gaming room and an office or study space. Both might be combined with your bedroom or living area. If that’s the case, multifunctional and convertible furniture is the key to making it work as both (or all three!) You’ll also want to invest in plenty of storage space to hide away anything you don’t want to see or use at that particular time.

18. Bookcase displays

Transform bookshelves into stylish gaming displays by adding in gaming decor, your favourite collections or games. This can be a low-cost way of getting the gaming aesthetic without spending on built-in or custom shelving. If you have LEGO or Warhammer collections that you want to show off on shelving, check out our IKEA Billy Bookcase collection. This helps you turn your Billy bookcase from something basic to something worthy of your gaming room.

Display podium for FUNKO® Pops for IKEA® Billy Bookcase - £27.99

19. Choose your wall decor

Personalise your gaming room with wall art, decals and murals inspired by your favourite games, consoles or systems. Whether that’s LED wall lighting, posters or projections, you can create a space you love without having to do lots of DIY or making permanent changes.

Source - Pinterest

20. Build an understairs gaming room

If you’re low on space, why not explore under stairs gaming room ideas? Maximising underutilised space under the stairs can be a great way to create a gaming room. You can customise storage, seating, decor and displays to fit the unique space — all without eating into any other rooms in your home.

21. Arcade-themed gaming room

Transform your gaming space into a nostalgic haven with an arcade-themed gaming room. If you have the space (and the budget) you can even add an arcade game or an air hockey table for that retro feel. Add neon lighting, old-school furniture and arcade memorabilia like posters, signs and Atari LEGO collectables on the walls.

Source - Pinterest

22. Minimalist gaming room

If you want to focus on gaming first, a minimalist gaming room could be the way to go. It’s about simplicity and functionality, focusing on clean lines, uncluttered spaces and essential furnishings.

Walls are often painted in neutral tones like white, grey or beige. Furniture pieces are sleek and streamlined. Gaming setups feature minimalist desks or wall-mounted shelves to hold consoles and monitors, with decor kept to a minimum.

23. Glow in the dark gaming room

By incorporating glow-in-the-dark elements like decals, posters, paint and even furniture, the room comes alive with vibrant colours and futuristic vibes. Additionally, strategically incorporating UV gaming room light ideas around the room enhances the glow-in-the-dark effect.

Glow-in-the-dark features add a little sci-fi touch without going too far with the neon theme. That means that during the day, your room is more chilled.

24. Unleash your creativity with projectors

Instead of traditional static decor, use projectors to create visuals that respond to movement or sound. Project intricate gaming-themed animations, landscapes and even virtual worlds onto walls, ceilings and floors.

Integrate motion sensors or sound-reactive software to make projections interactive, allowing you to control the visuals with your movements or voice commands. This is one to definitely impress your friends when they come over for gaming night.

25. Pay homage to a gaming brand

Whether you're a fan of Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox, you can create a gaming room based on your favourite brand. Start by selecting a colour scheme and decor that reflects the brand's aesthetic or most famous console.

Display collectibles, merch and memorabilia featuring characters, logos and symbols from your chosen gaming brand to add personality and nostalgia to the room. Consider customising furniture, lighting and accessories with branding.

How to decorate your gaming room: step-by-step guide

Now that you’ve got your gaming room ideas, here’s how to get started with decorating your room:

  • Plan your space and consider layout options for everything.
  • Organise your equipment and allocate space for everything you need.
  • Consider storage spaces too.
  • Design your layout by creating a floor plan and ideas of what goes where.
  • Buy the pieces you need for your gaming room.
  • Start building and setting up what you need.
  • Get gaming!

If you’re working with a small room, use vertical space with wall-mounted shelves and storage solutions. Choose multifunctional furniture that serves dual purposes, such as storage ottomans or folding desks, and go for compact gaming setups.

Bringing gaming room ideas to life

Designing the perfect gaming room is an exciting opportunity to express your personality and passion for gaming. Whether you're creating a themed space inspired by your favourite games or incorporating high-tech features for optimal gameplay, there's no limit to the creativity and customisation possibilities.

It’s important to work with the space you have and to maximise your storage and display spaces. You also need to think about comfort, especially if you’re going to spend a lot of time gaming. The screen size, distance and getting the right chair are all important parts of bringing your gaming room to life.

Explore Wicked Brick’s range of gaming room accessories and display solutions to enhance your gaming experience and take your space to the next level.


How can I make my gaming room cool?

To make your gaming room cool, focus on creating a space that reflects your personality and gaming style. Start by choosing a theme or colour scheme that resonates with you. Upgrade your lighting with LED lighting strips, neon signs or smart lighting systems that allow you to customise the colours and effects to match your mood or gaming experience.

Display your gaming setup and organise your game collection neatly. Add personal touches like posters, artwork or collectables to make the space uniquely yours

How do I turn my bedroom into a gaming room?

Start by decluttering and rearranging furniture to create a layout that works with your gaming room setup ideas. Invest in multi-functional furniture pieces like a gaming desk with built-in storage or a bed with a pull-out gaming station to maximise space. Set up your gaming console or PC in an area with adequate ventilation and access to power outlets. Install shelves, racks or wall-mounted organisers to store games, controllers and accessories within easy reach. Then, personalise the space with decor that reflects your gaming style, like posters, wall decals or themed bedding.

What does a gamer need in their room?

There are no rules on exactly what you need to have in your room, but here’s some essentials to get you started:

  • Games console or PC
  • HD monitor or TV
  • Comfortable seating
  • Gaming desk or workstation
  • Headset or speakers
  • Lighting
  • Storage and shelving
  • Personal touches like posters, artwork or collectables
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