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Display case for LEGO® Marvel: Avengers Tower (40334)

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Protect and display this Limited Edition Marvel set with a Wicked Brick® display case.

  • All parts are made from Perspex brand acrylic.
  • Two tier 5mm black base plates connected by magnets, featuring embedded studs to securely place your Avengers Tower set in place.
  • Custom printed vinyl background sticker featuring the New York skyline to create a diorama feel!
  • The display case also comes in a clear background option.
  •  The crystal clear buildable display case simply clicks together and then slots firmly into holes in the base plate. This gives the product a prestigious look and ensures the case is sturdy enough to protect your valuable LEGO® set and keep it dust free!
  • Give this Limited Edition set a prestigious showcase while ensuring it is protected and dust free!

All products come in kit form and simply slot together!


Height: 255mm - Width: 140mm - Depth: 140mm

Material: Acrylic

Pieces: 7

Age: 8+


PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® sets are not included with any purchases.