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Display stand for LEGO Star Wars: UCS TIE Fighter (75095)

SKU DEF6.4 - #G1

Showcase this Twin Ion Engine starfighter in flight mode with our made to measure display stand.


Really show off this striking LEGO Star Wars model of a TIE Fighter and feel assured it is firmly secured on a Wicked Brick premium acrylic display stand. Made especially for this LEGO set, we've made sure you can display your TIE Fighter Pilot Minifigure and LEGO Information Plaque in front of your fighter with ease, keeping every part of this remarkable set together. 


Display stand

  • 5mm black high gloss premium acrylic octagonal base with 5mm crystal clear angled stems to make your TIE Fighter appear like it's flying.
  • Cross braced stems ensure a simple, secure and very sturdy support for the ship, while offering perfect weight distribution for your vehicle.
  • Double support hooks that slot simply into the bottom of the ship (see photo four for reference)
  • A 3mm thick crystal clear information plaque containing an etched icon and details from the set, that clicks satisfyingly to the display base using magnets.
  • Our separate Minifigure add-on allows you to showcase the single figure and LEGO UCS plate in front of the fighter.

Secure and proudly display your LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter set on our sleek, high-end stand, that's handmade to order here at Wicked Brick. 

All of our products come in kit form and simply slot together!


Product details:

Material: Acrylic

Pieces: 5

Display stand plus product measurements: W: 35.0cm D: 30.0cm H: 49.5cm

Age: 8+


This stand has been specifically designed and built for LEGO set item #75095 which consists of 1,685 pieces. 

PLEASE NOTE: LEGO sets are not included with any purchases.


Delivery Information:

All of our products are handmade to order and we ship all over the world. For further information on this please take a look at our Delivery page which is updated regularly with current timeline expectations.