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Free delivery to UK mainland on all orders over £100.
Free delivery to UK mainland on all orders over £100.

Display stand for LEGO® Star Wars™ Betrayal at Cloud City (75222)

SKU DEF25.4 - #G1

Exhibit the iconic LEGO® Star Wars™ Betrayal at Cloud City set with our made-to-measure display stand. 


We've designed and created a stand to fully support this impressive UCS LEGO® set and showcase all the Minifigures! Display iconic scenes from The Empire Strikes Back on our premium quality acrylic stand.


Display stand & add on.

  • Create the ultimate diorama and make your Betrayal at Cloud City set look as though it's floating with our unique, crystal clear acrylic stand.
  • Show off all the best features of this set and display it however you like with our 360° rotatable display stand.
  • The LEGO® Cloud City set fixes perfectly in the centre of the top plate that contains studs.
  • The top plate consists of two extended octagonal shaped platforms to support this large set. The larger of the two supports the Landing Pad while the smaller one is for the Carbon Freezing Chamber to sit on.
  • Just like in the film, the Slave I ship sits comfortably on the Landing Pad.
  • If you want to change the angle of your display, simply slide the Minifigure add on away and rotate the set from the base. The add on will then fit neatly back in place at the front of the model.
  • The glossy black base also has space for a separate stand for the Twin Pod Cloud Car. This stand comes with an add on containing studs that fixes neatly to the bottom of the Cloud Car so this can also be displayed at different angles.
  • There is also the Wicked Brick® plaque that attaches to the Minifigure add on by magnets and displays the set number, piece count and has engraved icons from the theme.


All of our products come in kit form and simply slot together!

Product details:

Material: Acrylic

Pieces: Varies

Display stand plus collectable measurements: W: 580mm D: 560mm H: 400mm

Age: 8+


This stand has been specifically designed and built for LEGO® set item #75222 which consists of 2,812 pieces.

PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® sets are not included with any purchases.


Delivery Information:

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