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Display Case for LEGO® Star Wars™ UCS Millennium Falcon (75192 & 10179)

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Save space, angle your ship and lose no detail with our bespoke display case.

Looking for the perfect display case to showcase the iconic Corellian freighter? Choose from an elite range of display solutions to complement, protect and enhance your LEGO® set. 

The LEGO® UCS Millennium Falcon is without a doubt LEGO®’s most innovative creation yet and a wonderful adaptation of Hans Solo’s ship. You can now purchase one of our premium quality acrylic cases and proudly showcase your personal brick rendition of YT 492727ZED. 

We have designed this case with you in mind. Understanding you may already have a stand to exhibit your LEGO® set, we have custom made this case with a cut-out panel option so our case will fit seamlessly over your existing display.  

You also have the option to enhance your order to include a bespoke Wicked Brick® original themed background.

Special Features:

  • Shield your LEGO® Star Wars™ UCS Millennium Falcon set against being knocked and damaged for peace of mind.
  • Simply lift the clear case up from the base for easy access and secure it back in the grooves once you're done for ultimate protection.
  • Two tiered 10mm black high-gloss display base connected by magnets, containing embedded studs to place the set onto. 
  • Save yourself the hassle of dusting your build with our dust free case.
  • The base also features clear informational plaque displaying the set number and piece count.
  • Display your minifigures alongside your build using our embedded studs.
  • Upgrade your display case with our range of in-house designed UV printed backgrounds, inspired by fan-favourite scenes from the Star Wars™ movie franchise.
  • Display case without stand solution. This option features a cut-out in the base plate which allows customers that already have the display stand to slot it seamlessly into place inside the case.

Premium Materials:

  • 3mm crystal clear Perspex® display case, assembled with our uniquely designed screws and connector cubes, allowing you to easily secure the case together.
  • 5mm black gloss Perspex® base plate.
  • 3mm Perspex® plaque etched with details of the build.


Dimensions (external): Width: 90cm, Depth: 45cm, Height: 62.5cm

Compatible LEGO® Set: 75192 & 10179

Age: 8+

Is the LEGO set included? 

They are not included. Those are sold separately. If you haven't got your LEGO® set yet, you can purchase it directly through the LEGO® online shop here.

Will I need to build it? 

Our products come in kit form and easily click together. For some, you may need to tighten a few screws, but that’s about it. And in return, you’ll get a sturdy and secure display.

When will it be delivered? 

We make every display case by hand. And ship them to every corner of the globe. Delivery times change depending on our workload. Please check the delivery page. It will tell you how quickly we’ll get your item from our factory to your front door.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
The Size is ALSO suitable for roller coaster!!!

There is no official case for roller coaster (yet). After compare the dimension, I found out that this one can be used for roller coaster too!!!

Almost perfect

Generally this is a great case, but there are two things which slightly let it down: 1. Really poor instructions - particularly in relation to how the Falcon sits on the stand itself. There are options about how far to the left or right the Falcon can be positioned, up to a few centimetres either way, but nothing supplied by WickedBrick to show exactly where it is designed to connect. A single illustration, or photo in the instructions, or as other reviewers have suggested a video showing the assembly, would solve this. At this price point surely that is not too much to ask! 2. The screws would be much easier to use if they were cross-head (Philips) screws, rather than flat-head screws. Holding a small cube and a screw and keeping a flat-head screwdriver positioned exactly in the slot (and not slipping and risking scratching the case) is needlessly frustrating. A cross-head screwdriver positions correctly almost without fail every time, and is much less inclined to slip out of the screw-head.
My final comment relates to the material - Admittedly there is really nothing that WickedBrick can do to stop acrylic generating static and attracting dust, or showing every finger print, but it is nonetheless frustrating trying to get it assembled with the minimum of dust caught inside the cases either on the side/front panels or on the black base where it shows up very obviously. I used nitrile gloves to keep the fingerprints to a minimum, but that makes dealing with the screws even harder.
All that said, the finished result certainly lifts this UCS kit to another level, and keeps dust from accumulating in all the details!

Chris Krohnsnest
Beautiful Display

So beautiful, SO BIG

Andi martin
Fantastic display

I would give it full stars but the downside is the instructions. They are very vague and not customised to the product, maybe a instruction video or online link for detailed instructions could be an idea for the future? Otherwise this is a fantastic display once completed. Definitely makes the falcon look better at a tilt. Although a bit tricky getting it in the stand.

Jack Smith
Beautiful but not practical

I got the version with the Cloud City-esc background which I love. The display stand does its job - the falcon looks beautiful on display, but there are so many things that they couldve done to make this better and more sturdy.

The stand for one, is a finger print magnet and a nightmare to clean and set up. If you want to access the model/interior you need to take off the top (which just rests on the the four walls that are not entirely stable), and then lift up the four walls which are only held together at the middle and top.

Ideally, they would be held together at the top, middle, and bottom. Because they are not held together at the bottom any time you put them back on, you have to make sure that each wall fits in its pegged spot perfectly, rather than having it be stable, or even attached magnetically.

For the price of a UCS set itself, better stability, a door at the front to access the model, and a sturdier top would have been much better. If the sides and top were all one sturdy, connected piece, with the front in a door, that connects magnetically at the bottom, this would be perfect.

My display came with a scratch on the vinyl background and WB had no problem sending me a new piece, so that was great. Unfortunately, the day after I got it, my cat for the first time decided to job on top of the display. Because the top just rests on an walls that are barely held together themselves, the top came down, knocking off the millennium falcon as well as scratching every piece. Obviously its not WB’s fault my cat did that, but I cant help but thing that it wouldnt be something Id need to work about if it was designed better. For my (and I imagine most others) most prized set, I really wish I wasnt stressing about its display. The case is not just for display but also for projecting the model - thats why I got it and I imagine thats why many others would consider getting this version.

All that to say - if conditions are perfect and you are extra super careful with an extra set of hands and you wipe down every element 3x over after touching it, have no animals or kids, this is the perfect display case.