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Special Edition BD-1 Display Case now LIVE | Limited to only 500
Special Edition BD-1 Display Case now LIVE | Limited to only 500

Display stand for NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283)

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£16.99 - £24.99
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SKU LDS197.4 - #G1

Journey into the Void…

Looking for the perfect display option to showcase the iconic NASA Space Shuttle Discovery? Wicked Brick® is here to help! 

Our base and stand solutions are all made from designed for seamless construction and engineered to showcase your shuttle in a dynamic flight position that you can not get with the standard LEGO® mount.


  • All acrylic is premium Perspex brand.
  • Our in-house production team laser cut all parts specifically to order.

    You can choose to upgrade your set to the ultimate display solution with a Wicked Brick® display case, found here. 

    Product Descriptions

    Display stand

    • Double stand option that puts the Discovery shuttle and Hubble telescope in flight using separate stands with high gloss black bases and crystal clear stems.

    Display base

    • Our display base organises your set with in one place, featuring integrated stands for the Discovery shuttle and Hubble telescope, plus cut outs to neatly place the LEGO® display plaques.


        Material: Acrylic

        Pieces: Varies

        Measurements : Varies

        Age: 8+ 


        PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® sets are for demonstration purposes only and not included with any purchases.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1 review
        Great Stand as usual!

        Just like all the products I get from Wicked Bricks, I love it!
        I only have a little issue with it. The other large ship stand I have, the Millennium Falcon, actually has a plate with Lego studs on it that attach to the bottom of the ship. This stand does not. One side has pegs that go into two hole in the bottom of the ship and the other side has two very small nubs that barely grab the sides of a flat plate on the bottom of the ship. It would be WAY more sturdy if the front leg had a plate with studs the tactually attached.
        Of course if you display the Hubble Telescope in it's own little stand the Shuttle sits just fine in it's stand too. But I like the Hubble still coming out of the back bay of the shuttle. See my pic. It looks dope. But since the font stand leg is mostly there just for balance. With the Hubble in the back it becomes kinda unstable a bit. if you have it on a shelf and have no pets or kids (like me), I'm sure it'll be fine.
        This is a very minor issue, and I'm still stoked on it. It looks great!