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Special Edition BD-1 Display Case now LIVE | Limited to only 500
Special Edition BD-1 Display Case now LIVE | Limited to only 500

Display case for LEGO® Star Wars™ UCS TIE Fighter (75095)

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£89.99 - £99.99
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Showcase and protect your UCS LEGO® TIE Fighter in our bespoke display case.


    Really show off and fully protect this striking LEGO® model of a TIE Fighter with our purposely made display case and stand. Choose from two options to display this iconic Star Wars™ ship. Opt for our quality acrylic base and crystal clear case that have been specifically created for this product, or you can upgrade your order to include our exclusive in-house designed vinyl background sticker depicting the Death Star II hovering over the forest moon of Endor. Choose which option you would like above.

    All of our products come in kit form and simply slot together!

    This display case is also a stackable space saving solution! Just remove the lid of the case and slot the four sides securely into the underside of another display case with a base of the same size.


    Display case

    • Two tiered 10mm black high-gloss display base connected by magnets, containing a cut out for the display stand and embedded studs to firmly secure the TIE Fighter Pilot Minifigure and LEGO® information plaque in place.
    • 5mm crystal clear angled stems to make your TIE Fighter appear as though it's flying. 
    • Cross braced stems ensure a simple, secure and very sturdy support for the ship, while offering perfect weight distribution for your vehicle.
    • Double support hooks that slot simply into the bottom of the ship (see photo seven for reference)
    • A 3mm thick crystal clear information plaque containing an etched icon and details from the set, that clicks satisfyingly to the display base using magnets.
    • The crystal clear buildable display case is secured together using screws and connector cubes, then slots firmly into holes in the base plate. This gives the product a prestigious look and ensures the case is sturdy enough to protect your valuable set. It also keeps it dust free!

      Display case with printed vinyl background

      • Upgrade your display case with our in-house designed printed vinyl background sticker to create the ultimate diorama for this amazing collectors piece. 

      Secure and proudly display your LEGO® Star Wars™ TIE Fighter set in our sleek, high-end case, that's handmade to order here at Wicked Brick®.


      Product details:

      Material: Acrylic

      Pieces: Varies

      Display case measurements: W: 42.0cm D: 42.5cm H: 51.5cm

      Age: 8+


      This case has been specifically designed and built for LEGO® set item #75095 which consists of 1,685 pieces. 

      PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® sets are not included with any purchases.


      Delivery Information:

      All of our products are handmade to order and we ship all over the world. For further information on this please take a look at our Delivery page which is updated regularly with current timeline expectations.

      Customer Reviews

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      Display dream

      The case is beautiful and a great display for an iconic set. The case is quite large and does allow room for matching sets. As in the photo I have added the tie helmet. The printed background is perfect for ships and the tie has nailed it.
      The only drawbacks I have is of course the international shipping as present on most international reviews
      The other is the fixing to mount the tie fighter, it was a bit tedious to get the right position but after many tries it now works a treat