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Showcase 'The Theatre of Dreams' LEGO® set with a Wicked Brick® display base.


Play or display? Choose both and kick off your display with our bespoke base! Secure this impressive LEGO® set of Old Trafford on our high quality acrylic display base.


Display base

  • Premium brand 5mm black high gloss acrylic base, containing embedded studs to firmly secure the set and the Mini Trinity Statue to the base.
  • A 3mm clear information plaque clicks on to the top of the base using magnets, containing etched icons and details from the LEGO® set.

Proudly exhibit your LEGO® Creator Expert Old Trafford set on our sleek, high-end base, that's handmade to order here at Wicked Brick®.

If you want better protection for this Manchester United collectors piece and want to keep it dust free, why not upgrade to one of our cases? We have a specially designed display case just for this product. Check it out here.

All of our products come in kit form and simply slot together!

Buy the LEGO® set here:

LEGO® sets are not included with any of our displays. However, this set is available to buy directly from LEGO®® via this link

Product details:

Material: Acrylic

Pieces: 2

Display base dimensions: Width: 52.6cm Depth: 42.6cm

Age: 8+


This base has been specifically designed and built for LEGO® set item #10272 which consists of 3,898 pieces.

PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® sets are not included with any purchases.


Delivery Information:

All of our products are handmade to order and we ship all over the world. For further information on this please take a look at our Delivery page which is updated regularly with current timeline expectations.