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Special Edition BD-1 Display Case now LIVE | Limited to only 500
Special Edition BD-1 Display Case now LIVE | Limited to only 500

Display Case for LEGO®: The Friends Apartments (10292)

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£79.99 - £89.99
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Our Display Cases ‘Will be there for you..!’

Looking for the perfect display case to showcase the iconic LEGO®: The Friends Apartments (10292) set? Wicked Brick® is here to help! Choose from an elite range of display solutions to complement, protect and enhance your LEGO® set.  

A wonderful brick adaptation of the two apartments that housed some of the most memorable moments from the epic TV show, the Friends Apartments (10292) set is beautifully intricate and pays homage to an amazing era of comedy.  

Our display case is designed for seamless construction while also offering added security for your LEGO® set. We offer three display options for this wonderful LEGO® creation. 

You could choose to purchase one of our premium quality acrylic bases and proudly showcase your Friends Apartments (10292) set untethered by a case. 

You also have the option to encapsulate your LEGO® set in an exceptional Wicked Brick® acrylic case, proudly showcasing The Friends Apartments in a crystal clear display, which will ensure your LEGO® Creator set is kept protected and dust free. 

Or you could choose to further enhance your display by upgrading your order to include a custom Wicked Brick® background design. Printed in the highest quality vinyl, our vivid backgrounds are designed to be the perfect finishing touch to any LEGO® collectors display. 

Display Case

  • Our display case is made from the premium brand Perspex acrylic. 
  • Our in-house production team, laser cut each of our display cases with our signature vector frame detailing.
  • This product is fortified with a two tiered 10 mm base, composed of  a 5 mm add-on and a 5 mm base plate which are both secured in place with custom-made magnets. 
  • The base plate of our case is embedded with a series of embedded studs to accommodate the seven Minifigures included in the 10292 set in various locations across both apartments. 
  • Our buildable display case is secured together using screws and connector cubes that are purposefully spaced across the top panel of our case.
  • Choose to showcase The Friends Apartments (10292) set in a crystal clear display or you could upgrade your order to include a bespoke Wicked Brick® background print.

Display Case with printed background

  • Turn your display into the ultimate fan diorama with our in-house designed bespoke vinyl background print, laced with recognisable details from the FRIENDS set, the perfect compliment to this stunning LEGO® set. 

All products come in kit form and are easily assembled, simply slide the pieces in place!


Material: Acrylic

Pieces: Varies

Display base measurements: W: 69.2 cm  D: 34.2 cm  H: 14.3 cm 

Age: 8+ 


PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® sets are not included with any purchases.

Delivery Information:

All of our products are handmade to order and we ship all over the world. For further information on this please take a look at our Delivery page which is updated regularly with current timeline expectations.

This case has been specifically designed and built for LEGO® set item #10292 which consists of 2,048 pieces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Darren Butt
The One with The Apartments

Again a case worthy of the company name "WICKED".
I have a few cases to house and display my Lego. And so far this is biggest i have constructed. (Still have the batwing to make).
But as per usual am blown away by the case, the shipping , the easiness of construction and the best case(s) by far.
Recommend 1000%

Richard Rider
Matte Picture! Double magnetic base! Incredible thickness/strength

Maybe all this was in the description, maybe it wasn't. Doesn't matter. I was in amazement as I opened the box this came in. High quality design in the shipping box??!?! Foam edge protectors, all pieces mounted together in a way as to offer the max protection. The corners of the cases base had the removed material TAPED BACK IN! Clearly to provide strength while shipping...


To me it showed someone who cared about their product and didn't do "just enough".

My kit was the unit with the background. Honestly I figured a card stock pic, or maybe a standard gloss sticker(like whats in the LEGO kits). NO. This was a gorgeous, MATTE photo print. Worth even more than I paid. Over the top... You get to put it on, so you can decide to wait or even use elsewhere. (P.s. why don't they sell them alone?). Plus it is a thick sticker, not a thin vinyl thing.
They sent me 2 bases! Yeah I see it in the pictures now. However at first it just wasn't in my understanding. The "display" base has the studs which fit PERFECTLY into the bottom of the apartment. Not joking, not even a little off. Not a tight fit that would normally force you to jam the LEGO pieces into it.. Holds the model perfectly, something difficult to achieve in products.

The "display" base had STRONG magnets in the corners. Then the case itself had its own base. With matching magnets! Drop the "display" base on the "cases" base and they "lock" in place. It was incredible and such a well thought out design. Masters of their craft. The case cover simply sits on top of the case base in precut slots.

Picking it up to move it was so satisfying. The display case and dual base add a level of rigidity that makes any movement 1000x more confident.

The case top mounts together using small block and flat screws. Normally I had flat head screws, but I will admit they offer a much higher "finished" look to the case. Great choice by the designer! That said. They square up the case perfectly. The holes in the plexi are perfectly aligned. Again, great engineering! Congrats to the engineers! Putting all the sides and top together over a strong bond with little flex. At least not at the joints.