Star Wars theme display case 12 Minifigures (6 x 2)

Wicked Brick


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Select the background and front plate you would like with your display case by choosing from the SW variations in the 'Theme' box.

Protect and display your LEGO Minifigures at the same time with our new Star Wars themed case. Made from high gloss black and crystal clear acrylic, these will give your figures the ultimate platform to stand out!

  • Simple and sleek display case that comes in kit form and clicks together in seconds.
  • Choose your favourite iconic Star Wars themed backdrop sticker, combined with a laser etched front plate containing vehicles from the films.
  • The crystal clear case ensures a dust free display.
  • Give each Minifigure the pride of place with their very own removable solo base.
  • Display case comes with 12 blank Solo bases, containing embedded LEGO studs for the perfect connection to your Minifigure.
  • this product measures 220mm x 95mm x 90mm.