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Tiers for LEGO Minifigures Wall Mount (Stage 2)

SKU B600.2.2

Display your Minifigures with a Wicked Brick Wall Mount!

 Once you have chosen a Back-Plate size of your choice on our Back-Plate for Minifigure Wall Mounts, you can now select the relevant amount of tiers and Minifigures spaces you want on each row to create your very own custom size and shape Wall Mount!

  • Tiers are made from Perspex brand high gloss black acrylic.
  • Choose from 2-16 places for Minifigures on each tier.
  • Each place contains two embedded LEGO studs for each Minifigure.
  • Each tier comes complete with a crystal clear acrylic stem to attach the tier to the Back-Plate.