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Display podiums for LEGO Minifigures

SKU LDS203.2.2 - #G1

Organise and display your LEGO characters with Wicked Brick Minifigure podiums

  • Choose from a range of sizes to best suit your display needs.
  • All parts are made from Perspex brand acrylic and genuine LEGO studs.
  • Multi-tiered 5mm black acrylic podiums with sets of embedded LEGO studs to securely place your Minifigures.
  • Minifigure placements have been spaced to allow for all size figures and possible accessories.
  • Simple kit construction means the products can be built in seconds.
  • Give your valuable Minifigures a prestigious platform for display platform while ensuring they remain organised and safe from being lost!

All products come in kit form and simply slot together!

Material: Perspex brand acrylic


40 Minifigure Podium: 63cm wide x 9cm deep x 3cm high.

60 Minifigure Podium: 63cm wide x 14cm deep x 6cm high.

80 Minifigure Podium: 63cm wide x 19cm deep x 9cm high.

100 Minifigure Podium: 63cm wide x 24cm deep x 12cm high.


Please Note: LEGO Minifigures are not included with these products.