Display cases for LEGO Brickheadz

Wicked Brick

SKU: DS251.5

Protect and display your Brickheadz with a Wicked Brick display case


Customise the case with the character plaque of your choice! The 3mm template contains a space at the front of the Brickhead base plate where you can slot in a Wicked Brick information plaque. The plaques can be found on the Brickheadz collection page.

Example of a display case for two Brickheadz combined with information plaques


Keep your favourite character dust free and organised with our stack-able cases!

  •  All parts are made from Perspex brand acrylic.
  • Two tier 5mm base plate and 3mm template complete with a laser cut slot for a perfect fit of LEGO Brickheadz base plate.
  • If you would prefer not to use an information plaque you can simply turn the Brickhead around for a blank display base as shown below:


  • The crystal clear 3mm buildable display case clicks together and slots firmly into holes in the base plate.
  • The display cases are stackable! Simply remove the top of the display case and connect into the base of another Minifigure base of the same size.
  • Give your valuable Brickhead a prestigious showcase while ensuring they are protected and dust free!

All products come in kit form and simply slot together!

Material: Acrylic

Pieces: 7

Age: 8+


PLEASE NOTE: LEGO sets are not included with any purchases.