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Display Cases for LEGO sets

 This week marks Wicked Brick's first release of display cases for LEGO sets. Starting with LEGO Ideas: Yellow Submarine, Dr Who and Women of NASA, we have created what we feel is the ideal combination of storage and display:

  • Display bases to turn your LEGO set into a diorama and keep all pieces in one place.
  • Information plinths show the name, set number and icons from your set
  • Our display case turns your LEGO set into a showpiece and ensures it remains dust free.

  In upcoming weeks we will be releasing display cases for the remaining Ideas sets available, then working our way through other popular LEGO themes.

 If you have a particular LEGO set you would like to see a display case for, please let us know in the comment section below!

Display solutions for LEGO UCS sets are coming....

 LEGO UCS contain some of the largest and most iconic sets to date, and its our goal to provide you with display solutions to compliment these amazing products.

 Starting with the latest and greatest Star Wars sets, we will soon be releasing some cool new ways to help you manage space and give alternative options to show off your prized possessions. 

 We always value our customers feedback, so if there is a UCS set you would like an alternative display solution for - please leave a comment in the box below. 

The Wicked Brick Team


Display stands for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Infinity War

 This weekend sees the launch of our new display solutions for the new Infinity war sets from LEGO.


Our new range of display plinths not only make these sets look like true display pieces, they also offer a solution to a common problem with LEGO sets from the Super Heroes theme: They often have multiple pieces and Minifgures, making the set hard to display and keep together without losing parts over time!

 Our plinths contain stems and embedded LEGO studs to ensure all vehicles, buildings and Minifigures have a home on a single base plate. 

 We plan to keep up with the latest releases of this theme from LEGO, helping you give your sets the platform they deserve.

Check out the range now


Display plinths for LEGO Ideas

 Today we launch our first display solutions for some of the most polular sets from LEGO's Ideas theme. 

 The one thing that sets apart this theme from all others that LEGO offer is the fact each new set is created and voted for by the public. This has resulted in some truly iconic sets that are display pieces in every sense of the word.

 This creates a perfect fit for the WICKED BRICK's vision and we feel our first solutions give each set a museum quality platform for customers to show off their sets.

 More display solutions for LEGO Ideas are to follow shortly, so please let us know in the comments below if there is a particular set you would like to see next!


The Wicked Brick team.

Stock Update

 Over the last month we have been expanding our premises at Wicked Brick towers which meant a reduction in the availability of some of our products...

 Fear not! Starting this coming week, we will be restocking all of the products on our website, plus adding some very cool new display/storage solutions in the near future.

 Our new system will also allow for speedier dispatch times from purchase, with tracking on all parcels to follow soon after.

That's all for now, we will be back very soon with some exciting news about our latest display solutions for LEGO!





Display stand for UCS Falcon.

Display stand for UCS Falcon.

 Firstly a huge thank you to everyone that has purchased a stand for LEGO set 75192 so far, it makes us very happy to know we will help so many fans display the beast!

 The first batches purchased last week will be packed and sent out early next week, we needed some larger packaging and boxes to deal with this unique stand so it has taken a little longer than usual. Everyone in the office agrees that we cant wait to see some photos of them in use!

 Due to the size and nature of these stands, we are only able to release a certain amount each week. We will make sure our email subscribers are the first to know when more will be made available.

 Until next time - May the force be with you!


Tuesday Preview - Microfighters Series 5!

Tuesday Preview - Microfighters Series 5!

 Next Friday will see the launch of our new updated display stands for LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters.

New display stand features include:

  • Simple, compact designed base plate with etched name of the Microfighter Series.
  • Stem etched with individual vehicle image keeps the vehicle hovering above the base.
  • Angled top plate allows you to place your Microfighter in various dynamic positions

Further images of the stands will be added over the next week.

Display stands for the newly released LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters Series 5 will be available next Friday, and stands for the remaining series will follow shortly afterwards.

New product releases

 In upcoming weeks, Wicked Brick will be releasing a whole host of new display solutions for your favorite LEGO sets. New products will be released every Friday, along with a preview on each Tuesday of the upcoming display solution that will be available.

 While we have a release schedule in place, we would also like to hear customer requests. If an specific set receives enough responses from you all then we will try and move these higher up on our priority list for a faster release!

Please leave a comment below of any LEGO set you would like to see a display stand made for, and we will make sure to note these down for the team to look at in our meetings.




Website Update

 Firstly on behalf of all the Wicked Brick team, we would like to say a huge 'Thank You' to everyone that has supported us since the website was launched last year, you are the reason that we are here today....

 This afternoon the Wicked Brick website has gone live again, and for the past week our team has been putting the infrastructure in place that will allow us to offer many new exciting display and storage options for all of your favorite LEGO products.

 This blog page will now be a permanent feature, with regularly updated news and information on upcoming products.

  Over the coming weeks we will be releasing new display solutions every Friday, and giving you all a sneak peak of the next weeks releases on Tuesdays.

 That's all for now, but be sure to check back on this page for the latest Wicked Brick news,